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Zhangjiagang City Drink Machinery Co. Ltd

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Company Name:Zhangjiagang City Drink Machinery Co. Ltd

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Area: No.88 Baixiong Road, SanxingJinfeng Town,
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Contact Person:Wang Yun Chun



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  • Zhangjiagang City Drink Machinery Co., Ltd,is a hi-tech designing & manufacturing enterprise specialized in beverage producing & packing complete limes and various water treatment machines. It is one of earliest companies engaging in manufacturing liquid filling and packing equipments in domestic market. Now our company becomes excellent manufacturer to supply series of hi-tech producing lines with our highest technologies for beverage industries.


    Major Business Food & Beverage Main Products
    Email Company Website http://www.saiwei.com.cn
    Fax Company Address No.88 Baixiong Road, SanxingJinfeng Town,

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