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Hanoi Int’l Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (HanoiPlas2021)

Start date:2021-07-13

Organizer: Ministry of Industry & Trade - Vinexad National Trade Fair & Adv


email: [email protected]

End date:2021-07-16


Tel: +886-2-2659-6000 #185/#200/#210

Website: http://www.chanchao.com.tw/HanoiPlasPrintPack/

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Hanoi Int’l Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (HanoiPlas2021)

Exhibition Content

For those eager to source the latest development trends of the Northern Vietnam market, HanoiPlas2021 is the best and exclusive platform showcasing comprehensive product and technology for plastics aspect. Since its inception, HanoiPlas has been dedicat

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